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Edinburgh Festival Folk At The Oak (Landermason)

[Asm] CMU Daily August 9th 2007

Fiona Lander and Paul Mason, the duo from Bellingham better known as Landermason.
The intimate Wee Folk Club overflowed with instruments as jazz-folk duo Landermason too the stage, and not one was left unplayed. Throughout two separate sets Landermason were musically excellent, showing off technical ability but also adding heart and soul into their songs about their home in the North, and their travels across Britain. Fiona Lander showed impressive command of multiple instruments ranging from piano to saxophone to penny whistle, whilst Paul Masons jazz-tinged folk guitar-playing was exceptional. The pair both sing, and while Landers voice is, by her own admission gentle, the harmonies were always perfect. The complexity of many of the arrangements will alienate those outside the genre but for folk fans this was an outstanding performance.