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BOURNEMOUTH FOLK CLUB 25/10/09 (Live review by Neil King)

Headliners for the night were North East based duo Landermason, Fiona Lander and Paul Mason, who are out and about promoting their new album "Tree of Souls". The title track of the album is a song about a tree in the North East that people have taken to hanging boots on. 
The North East features extensively in their music, not just through their accents. Landermason are proud of their heritage and lavish attention on it, adding their own little folk jazz twists along the way.
"When The Boat Comes In" and "Lambton Worm" are probably two of the best known songs that have made it out of the region and into a wider psyche. The duo play both of them during the course of the set, adding a distinctive jazz swing along the way, for my money it really does the job on "When The Boat Comes In" but I prefer my "Lambton Worm" just a little bit more aggresive.
It's easy to see why Landermason have been making a name for themselves, both in the studio and live, they obviously enjoy what they're doing.
It was the perfect way to round off the night. Great music and catching up with friends during the interval. Old songs and new songs, the familiar and the untried, it's what music should be about.

Neil King