FOLKING LIVE, South Hill Park, Bracknell

“One of the most accomplished sets I think we’ve seen at Folking Live and that was certainly shown in the audience reaction”.¬†Phil Daniels (Artree Promotions)


They are a duo whose music would easily fit into folk, jazz and blues clubs and any festival. Fiona and Paul have got something really special in their music.


“A stunning blend of diverse musical influences which captivated our audience from the very first few seconds, all the way to the sumptuous encore. Fiona and Paul are a great song-writing team, and deliver their unique music with such passion and style. What great imagination to present Brubeck on a penny whistle alongside haunting contemporary folk melodies and really fresh takes on some regional classics. The music was complimented by informative introductions and gentle humour to keep the audience totally engaged”.

Steve Robson


“Geordie gems…? Just what is it about music? There is simply nothing quite like it, is there, for being able to energise, uplift, entertain, soothe and challenge? And the music performed by the folk-jazz duo Landermason at Little Waldingfield Church recently certainly did all of those things. It did much more, too. It somehow managed to take a full church of disparate individuals and turn them into one united appreciative community and audience. Somehow, wrapped up in the wonderful atmopsphere and music, we were all one – one with each other and one with these two gifted musicians from Northumberland, “Geordie gems” as I’m calling them, Fiona and Paul. They promised to come back – and we so hope they will.”

Rev Judith Sweetman


“Absolutely brilliant!” – following our set at Festival of Folk, Bracknell – September 2013


“Fantastic performance – you held the audience spellbound from the first note to the last. The main comment I got from the people who were there was “when are they coming back?” Ben Campbell



On 19th March, 2011 the Friends of the Bowes Museum Music Group presented a superb opportunity to participate in the music of the Northumbrian based song-writing duo, Landermason. This was billed as a concert of ‘unique blend of Jazz and Folk ‘music but it was much more than that.¬†

The entertainment started with the audience seated in the Red Room surrounded by historical keyboard instruments and inspirational paintings, and Paul Mason creating a relaxed mood on guitar. The haunting sounds of Fiona Lander on saxophone approached from a distance. She moved into the room to join Paul and had by then captivated all like the Pied Piper. The duo gently encouraged participation in their original, fun take of familiar folk tunes like When the Boat comes In and The Lambton Worm. No persuasion was needed as from the start of each number the guests were tapping feet and smiling. They also charmed young and old with their own compositions particularily with Tree of Souls.

The excellent balance of technical and musical skills was produced by Paul on guitar and Fiona on all manner of small wind instruments including an alba. This was enhanced by the addition of witty and enchanting lyrics. We were thrilled by the duo’s version of Dave Brubeck’s Take Five and Van Morrison’s Moondance. The latter was chosen to celebrate the closeness of the moon to earth that evening.

The success of the event could be judged by the throng around the table to purchase CD’s and the requests for Landermason to perform at other venues at a later date. The audience left feeling musically uplifted and glad to be alive as the duo wished us good health, wealth and happiness in their final song.

Carole De Luc (Friends of the Bowes Museum)