STAND TOGETHER – 2018 LAMA 009…£10 plus p&p

A ten track studio album containing eight original songs by Landermason plus two new jazz arrangements of classic well loved songs.

Thanks for sending a copy of your fantastic new CD! It’s now on heavy rotation in the car!” JIM TOMLINSON (Jazz musician, composer, producer)

This is mood music at it’s best, a worthy successor to the previous five albums and eminently suitable for those quiet evenings in front of the fire with a glass of something warm and inviting.LIVING TRADITION Issue 126

“Quite unlike anything else you will hear on the scene today. Beautiful, honest, simple and direct. And if you let it, it will make your world a better place.” FATEA MAGAZINE

If you buy only one CD this year, make it “Stand Together”. In the depths of winter it will put a spring in your step!” HEXHAM COURANT

“Their latest album features eight fabulous original songs and a couple of beautiful covers: The Water of Tyne (given a lightly jazzy arrangement) and the Sinatra classic In The Wee Small Hours. The duo dovetail together expertly with an appealing mix of folk, blues, jazz, country and pop with a sound that is rootsy Northumbrian and running the full gamut from breezy to haunting. Bravo!”  THE CRACK MAGAZINE

“Your best album yet!” Peter Ryder archeologist

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Listen to a short excerpt of each track here…

  1. Stand Together – Title track of the album which poses the question ‘what it means to be a European’, following the UK’s decision to quit the EU.
  2. One Life – Paul’s childhood reflections of his mother Sheila and her wisdom! A lively folk song that’s sure to get your foot tapping!
  3. Pick Me Up Again – Bluesy number with the age-old theme of drinking and redemption.
  4. The Water Of Tyne – Folk meets jazz…a passionate and heartfelt jazz arrangement of this North East classic traditional folk song.
  5. Discover The World – Swinging jazz waltz that asks many of Fiona’s unanswered questions!
  6. Now You’re Here – Country-pop love and loss ballad.
  7. In the Wee Small Hours – Arrangement of the popular jazz standard by David Mann and Bob Hilliard.
  8. Benjamin Mee – Ukulele with a difference. A short haunting track based on a quote attributed to Benjamin Mee.
  9. Stood Up in the Rain – Light-hearted swingy track (complete with sing-a-long crowd) about being stood up on a date…in the rain!
  10. Messed Up – Catchy little pop song featuring the ukulele. “I really like this!” Stephen Foster BBC Radio Suffolk   

Me, Him and The Can Crusher – 2013 LAMA 007…..£10.00 plus p&p

This is a lovely CD….really super!” GENEVIEVE TUDOR (BBC Radio Shropshire)
“Landermason once again prove their imagination, their tastefulness and their natural ability to hook their audiences in and keep them enchanted.” LIVING TRADITION
“An album rich in sight, sound and history of both the North East and the Lake District.”  FATEA MAGAZINE
“Heartfelt, great fun and continuing in a fine local tradition” THE CRACK MAGAZINE
“Good stuff!…congratulationsCLIVE GREGSON
“A thing of beautyHEXHAM COURANT

An 11 track studio album of songs and tunes inspired by people, places and events in the North East and Cumbria.

1. The Shoemakker – a unique take on this traditional song from the Geordie Song Book.
2. Bellingham Stomp – an energising instrumental written for a session down the local pub when The Folk Trail stopped off in Bellingham on route from Lands End to John O’Groats.
3. The Bywell Baby – inspired by the remarkable story of Mary Leighton (the Bywell Baby). This epic piece captures the drama of the great storm and flood of 1771.
4. It’s a Dog’s Life – a light hearted jazz track that all came together whilst Fiona was out on a run!
5. They Never Knew – drawn on our personal experience relating to the tragic events that took place in Cumbria (June 2012)
6. Kielder Water – a sumptous arrangement based on the wonderful tune written by our friend Mike Bennett following his trip to the Northumberland National Park.
7. Baby Can I Watch You Sleeping – a foot tapping, jazzy number taking in Swing, Gypsy and Dixieland jazz along the way! Words by Mike Naylor.
8. Whittington Jig – a short lively jig for penny whistle named after the charming little Northumbrian village the duo once lived.
9. Can Crusher – The device created by Paul for the last Bellingham All Acoustic Music Festival created so much intrigue…a song just had to be written. Very tongue in cheek!
10. Hey! Mr Weatherman – a fun and annoyingly catchy little song about the weather!
11. Riverdale – a chill out track to end the album for ukelele and low G whistle. This relaxing tune captures the mood of a rare late summer day along the North Tyne.


WINTER CAROL – Fiona Lander – 2015 LAMA 008…..£3.00 plus p&p

“A really lovely carol, very uplifting. I’m a big fan!” ANNA FOSTER BBC Radio Newcastle
“Our favourite festive song!SING UP
“Really Beautiful” LIANE CARROLL Jazz singer
“Absolutely BeautifulYVONNE LYON Scottish songwriter
Love the CD! MARY ANN ROGERS Northumberland artist
We were really delighted to have the opportunity to perform your beautiful carol with you, and it was a real treat for the kids to meet a composer like you, and to get to travel all the way to Newcastle for a performance!” KIM EDGAR Conductor of ‘The BIG Sing’ Edinburgh

A brand new choral work for upper voices written by Fiona Lander. A glorious celebration of Winter featuring singers from Northumberland schools. Words and music by Fiona. Production by Landermason. The CD includes another new work composed by Fiona for solo piano.

For more details about Fiona’s choral and instrumental scores go to


THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN – 2012 LAMA 006…..£5.00 plus p&p

An original score written to accompany a brand new production for Up-Front Puppet Theatre of ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin‘ based on Michael Morpurgos’ re-telling of the classic tale.

1. Overture to The Pied Piper of Hamelin
2. Sad Theme
3. Hint of Menace
4. Rat Song
5. Call of the Rats
6. Call of the Children
7. Sad Theme (reprise)
8. Rebuilding of Hamelin Town
9. Sad Town
10. The Call (at the cave)
11. Return to Hamelin
12. Arrival into Town
13. Goodbye Mr Piper Man
14. The Busker


TREE OF SOULS – 2009 LAMA 005…..£10.00 plus p&p

“This new album is absolutely stunning. Beautifully produced. Truly a landmark for Landermason“. Hexham Courant

Tree of Souls: Working Man: Broken: Shipbuilding: The Lambton Worm: Stay With Me: Scrap Book: Living on a Shoestring: One For the Road: Sunday

This new album consists of 10 very contrasting songs. The title track itself ‘Tree of Souls’ is a contemporary folk song, which came about when the duo spotted an unusual roadside tree. The tree has provided inspiration not just for the song but also for the album cover design which is hand drawn by Paul. Other tracks include the bluesy guitar driven ‘Working Man’ and ‘Shipbuilding’ a reflective, mainly instrumental piece featuring classical style guitar and sexy alto saxophone. There’s a fun version of ‘The Lambton Worm’ together with quirky songs about their lives as musicians. After a contemplative piano based ‘One For The Road’ which suddenly explodes into a high energy feel good folk song, the album concludes beautifully with a lazy tango titled ‘Sunday’. 


THE REASON – 2007 LAMA 004…..£10.00 plus p&p

“Great album!” Lucy Duran BBC Radio 3

“A sparkly, supremely confident statement. This is one for the connoiseur”. Living Tradition

“Landermason have created a fascinating and compelling album...”

I Know There’s a Reason: XYZ: When The Boat Come’s In / Dance to Your Daddy: Drummer Man: Words Unsaid: Me Too:
First Past the Post: Please Yourself: All Roads: Somalia: The Mirror: Sweep’s Song: Dance To Your Daddy Reprise

A 14 track album which skilfully encompasses both the folk and jazz genres. The mood of the CD is ever changing as beautiful songs are interspersed with lively jigs and catchy up tempo jazz tracks. All material on the album on the album is original with the exception of track 4, a striking arrangement of the traditional North East song ‘When the Boat Comes In’. Guest musicians include Peter Tickell, Sarah and David Jones, Geoff Hutchinson, Kathryn Davidson and Mike Tickell. The CD, manufactured entirely in the UK, comes presented in a 6 page quality card case accompanied by a 16 page full colour booklet containing original artwork of Northumbrian landscapes by David B Robson.


ANGEL OF THE NORTH – 2004 LAMA 003…..£5.00 plus p&p

“You can’t find a much more simple song than Water of Tyne. The CD’s exquisite arrangement of this traditional air is recorded, like the rest of the album, with explicit vocal and instrumental presence”Hexham Courant May 2004

“They’ve put some real work into this album…the effort that has gone into the production and arrangements are of a very high standard”. Get Rhythm June 2004

This 8 track contemporary folk album, is a mix of songs and tunes inspired by their return to the North.

  • Angel Of The North – The title track. A powerful song inspired by the Antony Gormely sculpture and Fiona and Pauls return to the North East. This track is underpinned with percussion by Keith Bleasby.
  • I Will Be Back Soon – A simple song with a traditional feel. Gentle guitar arpeggios & lilting percussion support the double vocal line. Complete with catchy chorus you can sing along to!“A very sweet track…it could sit next to an Incredible String Band track or something similar, Nick Drake perhaps” Bob Harris BBC Radio 2
  • Whistle Jig – A lively instrumental with driving conga rhythms.
  • Natural Beauty – A piano based song inspired by the Lake District.
  • Water of Tyne – Voted the no.1 folk song in the North East 2003, this delicate arrangement by Fiona (originally for boys choir) features harmony vocals, piano & woodwind.
  • Saxophone Jig – Another instrumental track. Uplifting and melodious.
  • Never Been Through a Rainbow – A re-recorded version with lyrics by Mike Naylor. This track was first featured on the debut album ‘In a Dream’.
  • Dark Island – A haunting Scottish tune which has become a firm favourite at Landermason gigs.