STAND TOGETHER – 2018 LAMA 009…£10 plus p&p

A ten track studio album containing eight original songs by Landermason plus two new jazz arrangements of classic well loved songs.

Thanks for sending a copy of your fantastic new CD! It’s now on heavy rotation in the car!” JIM TOMLINSON (Jazz musician, composer, producer)

This is mood music at it’s best, a worthy successor to the previous five albums and eminently suitable for those quiet evenings in front of the fire with a glass of something warm and inviting.LIVING TRADITION Issue 126

“Quite unlike anything else you will hear on the scene today. Beautiful, honest, simple and direct. And if you let it, it will make your world a better place.” FATEA MAGAZINE

If you buy only one CD this year, make it “Stand Together”. In the depths of winter it will put a spring in your step!” HEXHAM COURANT

“Their latest album features eight fabulous original songs and a couple of beautiful covers: The Water of Tyne (given a lightly jazzy arrangement) and the Sinatra classic In The Wee Small Hours. The duo dovetail together expertly with an appealing mix of folk, blues, jazz, country and pop with a sound that is rootsy Northumbrian and running the full gamut from breezy to haunting. Bravo!”  THE CRACK MAGAZINE

“Your best album yet!” Peter Ryder archeologist

OR to download the complete album or individual tracks please click here.


Listen to a short excerpt of each track here…

  1. Stand Together – Title track of the album which poses the question ‘what it means to be a European’, following the UK’s decision to quit the EU.
  2. One Life – Paul’s childhood reflections of his mother Sheila and her wisdom! A lively folk song that’s sure to get your foot tapping!
  3. Pick Me Up Again – Bluesy number with the age-old theme of drinking and redemption.
  4. The Water Of Tyne – Folk meets jazz…a passionate and heartfelt jazz arrangement of this North East classic traditional folk song.
  5. Discover The World – Swinging jazz waltz that asks many of Fiona’s unanswered questions!
  6. Now You’re Here – Country-pop love and loss ballad.
  7. In the Wee Small Hours – Arrangement of the popular jazz standard by David Mann and Bob Hilliard.
  8. Benjamin Mee – Ukulele with a difference. A short haunting track based on a quote attributed to Benjamin Mee.
  9. Stood Up in the Rain – Light-hearted swingy track (complete with sing-a-long crowd) about being stood up on a date…in the rain!
  10. Messed Up – Catchy little pop song featuring the ukulele. “I really like this!” Stephen Foster BBC Radio Suffolk