ANGEL OF THE NORTH – 2004 LAMA 003…..£5.00 plus p&p

“You can’t find a much more simple song than Water of Tyne. The CD’s exquisite arrangement of this traditional air is recorded, like the rest of the album, with explicit vocal and instrumental presence”Hexham Courant May 2004

“They’ve put some real work into this album…the effort that has gone into the production and arrangements are of a very high standard”. Get Rhythm June 2004

This 8 track contemporary folk album, is a mix of songs and tunes inspired by their return to the North.

  • Angel Of The North – The title track. A powerful song inspired by the Antony Gormely sculpture and Fiona and Pauls return to the North East. This track is underpinned with percussion by Keith Bleasby.
  • I Will Be Back Soon – A simple song with a traditional feel. Gentle guitar arpeggios & lilting percussion support the double vocal line. Complete with catchy chorus you can sing along to!“A very sweet track…it could sit next to an Incredible String Band track or something similar, Nick Drake perhaps” Bob Harris BBC Radio 2
  • Whistle Jig – A lively instrumental with driving conga rhythms.
  • Natural Beauty – A piano based song inspired by the Lake District.
  • Water of Tyne – Voted the no.1 folk song in the North East 2003, this delicate arrangement by Fiona (originally for boys choir) features harmony vocals, piano & woodwind.
  • Saxophone Jig – Another instrumental track. Uplifting and melodious.
  • Never Been Through a Rainbow – A re-recorded version with lyrics by Mike Naylor. This track was first featured on the debut album ‘In a Dream’.
  • Dark Island – A haunting Scottish tune which has become a firm favourite at Landermason gigs.